By changing my thoughts, I alter my awareness. By altering my awareness, I change myself, and I change the world.

You are certainly computer literate, capable of surfing, downloading all sorts of information.  Isn’t it a marvelous feeling to be free, to browse through anything you desire to gain knowledge of? In a personal Cloud, you may even store, all that you have ever downloaded, whether photos, documents or films, which you can retrieve at any given time.

Do you realize that you already possess such a personal Cloud? And not only a personal Cloud, you even have free access to a collective Cloud, in a global storage media, similar to the Internet.

Imagine your brain is a laptop, over which you can access a storage media, which saves all thoughts and acts you have ever experienced. Would you be interested in browsing through those sites?

Furthermore imagine somebody would dictate to you, which of those sites you were permitted to use on the Internet, and which not. They would forbid you to surf the Internet freely. Would you accept this? Would you not consider it a profound interference into your personal freedom?

This censorship (we call it Matrix), this intrusion into our privacy, the censoring of certain contents, is however happening. And we allow it to happen. We are controlled and manipulated by it.

Ever since our childhood, we are told that it is desirable to be rich, beautiful, famous and sexy. We ourselves have chosen and accepted this rather biased and egoistic approach. We have tolerated that the patterns of thought and behavior, which we have constructed ourselves, now stand in our way. We are caught in our own Matrix, our ego.

People are remote-operated, controlled and manipulated by this Matrix. They live in the Matrix, as in their own prison, without even being aware of it. To stand any chance of escaping from this prison, it is first compulsory to recognize it as such. As long as people do not recognize it as such, but instead consider themselves free, there is no chance of escaping the Matrix, or of detaching themselves from it.

The escape from the Matrix, the liberty of every single individual is not a mere dream, this freedom exists. It lies beyond the walls, we have constructed ourselves.

Having access to our personal Cloud (and therefore logically also to the collective one) is in essence LIBERTY. Our mind is our prison, our self-erected walls, the Matrix, our ILLUSION.

Now it is imperative to disintegrate the Matrix, and liberate ourselves from it.

It is our goal to enhance the awareness of people to the extent, that they remember to recognize what they actually perceive (the reality), and not what they believe to be seeing (the illusion).

We believe that most people live in a state of „waking sleep“, captured in the cocoon of our limited awareness. But we also believe that we can wake up and become a different kind of human being overall.

It is our goal to reset our mind – the processor of our thoughts – with the support of different techniques, such as yoga, and meditation or with the help of the Aumega CD. We seek to let go of our thoughts, in a manner of speaking to bring our mind to a standstill, in order to make room for greater awareness of our senses. This enables us to access our genuine Cloud, or the full extent of the collective Cloud (Akasha-Chronicle). In this state of mind, nobody can prevent or inhibit us from feeling the reality. We are able to genuinely perceive, rather than helplessly run after an illusion, or obey it.

People have actually forgotten, that they have an own life, and that all their answers lie within their own Cloud. Each individual must experience and perceive this for himself. In the figurative sense this means: Although I can give you a definition of love, describe it in the most colorful images, and quote prominent experts – only you alone can truly perceive the marvelous feeling of being in love, and of deeply loving.

Even if you are just able to get a quick view into your personal Cloud, this sole and special moment will definitely change your awareness forever, will open your heart and this unique experience will be so sweet and miracolous that it can never be denied anymore. This is the true moment you have waited your whole life for.

With the following projects, our team is seeking to enhance people’s awareness:

1. The Aumega CD enables us to access our own Cloud (similar to meditation, yoga and other methods, as mentioned in Tools).

2. The Matrix Code Book describes the Matrix, and explains the absolute necessity to disintegrate the Matrix, in order to access the genuine treasure of our own Cloud.

3. The Solar Revolution Movie introduces our Team and their believes, values, visions and professional passion.

4. The Awareness Movie (we are currently working on) illustrates the path, every individual can take, to break through the Matrix, and liberate themself.