The Matrix Code Project

Broers_Das_Geheimnis_des_Matrix_Code_72RGB1We find ourselves in an era of epochal transformation. It is becoming more and more clear that Twilight of the Idols is approaching that will call into question all the old, traditional structures. It’s increasingly obvious that false gods will have to abdicate, those gods our society has been chasing for far too long — ideologies, compulsive consumption, the exploitation of nature, media manipulation.  A tempest is attacking the old certainties, and it will sweep everything away that is false or illusory.

We are the ones who let loose this tempest, because we could no longer deny our destiny; because we are no longer content with a life that shackles us rather than frees us; because we carry the strength of transforming awareness within us, a strength that is now forging powerfully ahead, revealing a new reality. It will exceed everything we have longed for in our innermost souls.

How do I know this? It has taken the last thirty years of my life to acquire this knowledge. I began as a scientist. But over time it became clearer to me that a ground breaking potential for global development and global awareness lay dormant in the research findings of modern physics: a phase shift of human evolution, a view of the world that completely redefines our reality.

This insight led me to write the Matrix Code thirteen years ago.   The book came about as a response to the movie The Matrix from 1999. The movie tells a story that is both thrilling and philosophical. It tells the story of Neo, a young man who, through contact with the mysterious Morpheus, realizes the true nature of the world. What we call reality is only a pseudo-reality produced by psychogenic drugs: the Matrix.

With the Matrix a new concept entered an old debate: what is reality? Is there more than one reality? Are we condemned to settle for pseudo-realities? Will we ever learn what has been secretly controlling us? And what is waiting for us if we accept this knowledge?

Philosophers and spiritual thinkers have posed these kinds of questions for centuries. They were and are an attempt to understand the true nature of the world, the truth behind the curtain and the masks. This search for knowledge has always fascinated me, because it affects our inner selves: our humanity, our self-determination, and our satisfaction with life. Who are we? Where do we come from? What is our calling? How can we transform the status quo?

The movie The Matrix gave an answer that was both bewildering and contradictory. In that film only a few could escape the pseudo-reality. Also, in that story only a single person carried the power for change within him: Neo, a young computer hacker. He is a chosen one, a lonely combatant in a scenario in which it’s almost impossible to distinguish between right and wrong, truth and appearances.

Some time has passed since then. And I am convinced: the knowledge that we are living in a Matrix has never been so relevant as it is today. The Matrix surrounds us like an invisible web. It issues orders and demands our obedience. Those who create it have incredible power. They manipulate us until we are integrated into an economic operating system, where we work, consume, and are entertained without asking questions.

More and more people are becoming aware of the chains of the Matrix. They are fighting against externally controlled programs; they want to follow their own path, to build a self-determined existence. An awakening is in the air. A global change stands directly before us, the scope of which we can hardly measure. Yes, I’m convinced of this: we are standing on the threshold of the awakening awareness that will throw off the confinements of the Matrix once and for all.

This process of transformation is announcing itself in unmistakable terms. A new urgency is apparent, an urgency for closer study of the Matrix as the density of events increases and points us toward a much-needed transformation of awareness. We can see a significant increase in social instability, collapsing economic systems, and the threat of natural disasters. The crises represent the disintegration of the old order, the erosion of intellectual edifices that we thought were sound. In the cracks of the Matrix, though, something new can be seen — our destiny as part of the creating Universe.

This is why I decided to write a revised version of my book. It considers the most up-to-date findings and developments that couldn’t have been predicted thirteen years ago. Back then only a small group of the avant-garde joined me in my prediction that great revolutions would occur. Hardly anyone took this seriously, apart from this small group of seekers. They intuitively sensed that something had begun to change, or, to quote Nietzsche, that an as-yet-unnamed power was about to set things in motions.

Since that time this group has grown, not least because of the overwhelming evidence of the symptoms of crisis. In my lectures and symposia I meet more and more people who don’t want to accept the status quo. They are incredibly sensitive to the cracks and distortions in our systems, and they ask questions whose answers let them look into visionary worlds.  But what I have to tell them still seems like secret lore.

Now we have the opportunity to enlarge the circle of those who know. And that’s also why I’ve decided to shed the pseudonym “Morpheus” which I used to publish the Matrix Code thirteen years ago — as an homage to the Morpheus figure of the film who opened Neo’s eyes. We have to prepare ourselves for the transformation process in order to meet its challenges. So I want as many people as possible to find the momentum for reorientation through this book. It’s time. Our social, cultural, and economic systems are overtaxed. Once meaningful rules and values are losing their power. I see this as the beginning of a transformation that is more exciting than anything we have ever imagined.

This affects us all, without exception. Yes, I’m sure: each one of us can be the chosen one. Each one of us can use the energetic field of our thoughts to destroy the veil of lies and betrayal that bars us from a liberated existence. Even you can do this. What you will find here is the secret access code to the programs of the Matrix. It is the key you need to free yourself from adopted structures.

This book is like an open door behind which truth is disclosed. But you have to walk through this door yourself. Courage. Welcome to the secrets of the Matrix Code!

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