The Aumega Project

aumega-cover_sbp3The goal of our project is to awaken from our deep slumber, in order to break free from this Matrix. It is our goal to reset our mind – the processor of our thoughts – with the support of different techniques, such as breathing-exercises, yoga, and meditation or with the help of the Aumega CD. We seek to let go of our thoughts, in a manner of speaking to bring our mind to a standstill, in order to make room for greater awareness of our senses. This enables us to access our genuine Cloud, or the full extent of the collective Cloud (Akasha-Chronicle). In this state of mind, nobody can prevent or inhibit us from feeling the reality. We are able to genuinely perceive, rather than helplessly run after an illusion, or obey it.

Dieter Broers and Thomas Chochola have devised a sound project in a recording studio, which provides its audience with the required introspective. They named their project Aumega. Based on scientific knowledge, Aumega uses word, sound and pulsation to enable every individual to exploit their higher potential. The phenomenon SOUND, in all its pervasive quality, is both the foundation and simultaneously the link between scientifically provable and intentionally experienceable potential of the human awareness. The recorded Aumega composition was composed according to the most recent scientific knowledge. The interaction of prime numbers, in form of polyrhythmic pulsations, with just- as well as temperamental intonated cluster chords, along with sounds of nature, results in an exogenous sound pattern. This soundscape paves the way for the body’s own rhythms to return to holistic awareness. During this interaction resonance phenomena can occur, which is to be interpreted as a “solution finding process of accumulated patterns of conditioning”.

If you give yourself to this archetypical sound pattern, you will afterwards realize that it is sheer impossible to appropriately describe this awareness. Our mind is not constructed for this task. And it is precisely that mind, from which – at least temporarily – we shall arise. To recognize that we are more, so much more…, than simply mind and ego.

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